• NO Capital Investment
  • NO Risk
  • NO Inventory
  • NO Collections
  • NO Deliveries
  • NO Employees
  • NO Employers
  • NO Product Liability
  • NO Experience Needed

Our Giving Profits Program allows your supporters to redirect their spending to purchase consumable products that they want, need and already use on a daily basis and your organization reaps 100% of the profits!  Your loyal supporters simply switch brands to Shaklee products!

Why Giving Profits Program?

  • Allows you to focus on your core mission
  • Promotes involvement and increases

          awareness of your organization through community outreach.

​                    It's as easy as A B C​​​

Your organization receives a free website with online store.  Record keeping, income calculations and payments to you are all handled by Shaklee.​  

You simply promote the program to your network of supporters.  Your organization will receive personalized support from your Giving Profits Program representative.​

Giving Profits Program


    Giving Profits Network          Cause Marketing with a Twist

Program is available

in all 50 states

A "Corporate Social Responsibility Study" by Cone Communications in 2017 found that 89% of Americans would switch brands to support their cause.