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​Will Steger leads the first unsupported trip by dog-team to the North Pole while using Shaklee products

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Mt. Everest Climb

Millions of product users share inspiring stories of transformation spanning more than 60 years

Kellys in Space

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​The first nonstop flight around the world was powered by Shaklee nutrition

NASA Commander Mark Kelly took Shaklee Vitalizer on the space shuttle Endeavor in 2011.  Captain Scott Kelly also used Shaklee supplements during his year on the International Space Station

​Shaklee develops and supplies NASA with a customized rehydration beverage for astronauts, still used today

North Pole

Dog Team

Products Proven by People  -  #Shaklee Effect

World-class athletes driven to reaching peak performance, who have already won a combined 137 medals at the summer and winter games

Shaklee Pure

Performance Team

Jacques Cousteau


​Kanellos Kannellopoulos sets the world record for human powered flight with the help of Shaklee products

​​​What is​ the #Shaklee Effect?


​Shaklee nutrition helps power the first American ascent up Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen

Daedalus Human Powered Flight

Shaklee products used on research vessels:  

Calypso and Alcyone

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