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Do you know how long your telomeres are?

Bringing wellness to the workplace while simultaneously supporting charity!

Giving Profits Program

  • Nutrition for Men, Women & Children
  • Non-Toxic Household Cleaners & Laundry Products
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  • Anti-Aging
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​Americans spend a significant part of their lives in the workplace, making it a valuable place to engrain and encourage healthy behaviors.  Wellness programs supported by the workplace are good for employers and employees alike.​

Research indicates that maintaining a healthy workforce can lower direct costs, such as insurance premiums and worker's compensation claims, as well as indirect costs like employee productivity, absenteeism and "presenteeism", that is, when employees come to work suffering from physical or mental health problems that prevent them from working at their full potential.

Your employees can answer 20 simple questions and identify their top goals with this HealthPrint online tool.   A customized nutritional assessment will be sent to them with suggestions and tips for better health.

Become a Corporate Partner - Workplace Wellness Challenge for Charity​

Healthprint TM

​Personalized Health Assessment

There is NO COST to your company or the non-profit organization to enroll.

Who Benefits?

We invite your workplace to participate in our Giving Profits Program to offer a wellness program to your employees and their families.

This program allows your employees to redirect their spending to purchase consumable Shaklee wellness products and your pre-selected tax-exempt charity reaps 100% of the profits!  Your employees simply switch brands to Shaklee products!